Winlink Check In Form

Vers 3.1
(Use this form to check into the CENTRAL MS ARES WINLINK NET)
Important : In Settings > Preferences > Message Sending Options, be sure to TURN OFF the //WL2K "add to subject line feature". 


Check In Type

This check In form is automatically sent to the CENTRAL MS ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC), Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC), and Net Managers (NM). To send a copy to other officials and agencies, place their winlink callsigns in the space below with a semi colon ( ; ) between each one.

Send copy to:  

                  Winlink Registered Call Sign                           
  Call Sign (or Tactical) Sending  

First and Last Name     

Location (City, County, State)     
If Deployed, give your Assigned Location      

Assigned Location Details: Address, GPS Coordinates, Name of Agency, Team, Offciial serving


 ARES / RACES Position      Session Type     

Winlink Gateway Call SIgn (if Used    Band Used                                     

Report ARES / SKYWARN Activations Below

    (be brief)       

         It is suggested that you request a Read Receipt for confimration of delivery

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