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September 14, 2021 - See the photo below of our new Amateur Radio Station in the Rankin Co. EOC radio room. Many thanks to EOC Director Mike Word and ARES Rankin Co. AEC Mike Flanagan WM5A for the hard work of planning and seeing this through to completion. Thanks also go out to Maury KG6SQZ, Mike WM5A, Johnny W5PFR, Eugene N5CMA, Lucas KI5OOH, Jim K0UPW and Jack K5FIT for setting up and testing the new station. I apologize if I have forgotten to mention any others who helped but just know we appreciate all the effort.

September 3, 2021 - *** NOTE *** The annual Simulated Emergency Test that was cancelled because of preprations for Hurricane Ida has been tentatively rescheduled for Sat. Oct. 2, 2021. We are still looking for volunteer participants to do "role play" parts calling in messages and for net control stations. Anyone wanting to participate in any capacity is encouraged to volunteer. You can work as much or as little as you wish. To sign up send an email to netmanager@msares.com.

August 10, 2021 - The long awaited drawing for the amateur radio was held at the meeting last night. Don Loper N5SPJ was the winner of a Yaesu FT4 HT. This will conclude the policy of a trivia question and a drawing for a prize. We will continue the policy of requiring each Net Control station to pass a piece of traffic during their shift. This gets every Net Control station comfortable with traffic passing and gives us that much more capability for a real emergency. I commend each Net Control station so far in doing a very good job at passing their required piece of traffic. It's very good traning for all of us. I encourage every member on the voice net to copy the piece of traffic passed by the Net Control station as even more practice. Each week the Net Control station will ask a member to verify receipt of the message by reading it back on the net.


Central Mississippi ARES Membership Form

The current ARRL ARES Training Task Book

Central Mississippi ARES Training Quick Check List

ARES Manual 2015

ARES Field Resources Handbook


WINLINK NET CHECK IN FORM: Our official digital check in form was designed to be used for weekly Net check ins, ARES Activations, SKYWARN Activations, and for use anytime you want to test your Winlink Station. This form makes checking in easy and automates details for our Net Reports. Until you get the three Check In form files installed in your Winlink Express templates folder (C://RMS Express /Templates ), you may check in simply by placing the following in the subject heading in your check in email: "CHECK IN: Central Mississippi ARES/SKYWARN Winlink Net"

The files to install the form may be obtained here.


An excellent document on how to install and use the check in files has been created for us by KI5JCL and available for download at:



Central Mississippi ARES uses GroupMe to send the following alerts to our team members:

Stand By Alert: Prepare for a potential activation within the next 24 to 48 hours

Emergency Activation: All ARES team members and our Nets have been officially activated

Stand Down Alert: The Activation has ended, ARES members and nets are to Stand

Simulated Emergency Activation: Used to test our team's response to a simulated activation and adjust our training to correct any weaknesses in preparation for real emergencies.

If you are a member of Central Mississippi ARES please set up the GroupMe Ap on your smartphone, tablet, or computer to receive these alerts. You may use thsi Q Code to receive our alerts

NOTE: Smartphones and the internet are weak links in the emcomm chain. They subject to overloaded circuits and outages during emergencies and disatsers. So please do not rely soley upon this method of notification. All Central Mississippi ARES members should monitor 145.390 77Hz through out day and evening for Activation Alerts. Additionally, you may check into our 24/7 Winlink Net to receive Activation Alert messages.




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Central Mississippi ARES Emergency Coordinator:
Maury Mullins, KG5SQZ
In charge of overall leadership and guidance for Central Mississippi ARES.

Emergency Coordinator – Operations:
Maury Mullins, KG5SQZ
In charge of Emergency Operations during Activations. In charge of preparing (planning, training, testing) Central Mississippi ARES members for effective service during emergency activations.

Emergency Coordinator Rankin County - Training:
Jack Williams, K5FIT
In charge of Training Programs, Task Book Validation, and Member Records for Central Mississippi ARES

Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Digital Communications:
Kyle Conway, KI5JCL
In charge of Digital Communications, Digital Nets, and Digital Training for Central Mississippi ARES

Assistant Emergency Coordinator – Net Management:
In charge of Nets Management, NCS Training, and Net Reporting for Central Mississippi ARES.

Emergency Coordinator Scott County – Meteorology:
Jimmy Reid, KF5VVU
In charge of SKYWARN, Severe Weather Net Activations, and Storm Spotter Reporting for Central Mississippi ARES

Assistant Section Manager and
Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Public Information:

Jim Martin, K0UPW
In charge of public information and notifications for Central Mississippi ARES

Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Technical:
Don Loper, N5SPJ
In charge of Technical, Electronic, and Repeater Advice for Central Mississippi ARES

Assistant Emergency Coordinator Rankin County:
Mike Flanagan, WM5A

Official Emergency Station (OES):
Jim Coker, AE5SK

Founder: K1REZ
Founder and initial Coordinator during the first 14 months of Central Mississippi ARES growth.





6:00 pm: Digital VHF Net (VHF NBEMS 145.390 77 Hz)

7:00 pm: VHF Net (VHF Phone/Voice: 145.390 77 Hz)

2021 Net Control & Backup Schedule

Available 24/7:

Central Mississippi ARES Winlink Net (Winlink VARA)



The purpose of our weekly Central Mississippi ARES Nets is to provide training and practice in ARES net procedures, traffic handling, and storm spotter reporting, to prepare our members for emergency activations. During emergencies, disasters, and severe weather events, the Central Mississippi ARES Emergency Net is activated to serve both the civilian and amateur radio communities in Central Mississippi, and the agencies we have signed agreements with.

as signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUS) with several agencies (FEMA, MEMA, NWS, Red Cross, Salvation Army, County EOCs, and Hospitals) authorizing us to handle back up emergency communications and Storm Spotter communications on their behalf during emergencies, disasters, and severe weather events.

1. Central Mississippi ARES Digital VHF Net (CMA-DVHF)

Who: ARES, RACES, SKYWARN members, and all persons interested in digital modes, you do not have to have digital to check in

: A mixed mode format net (voice & digital) with check-ins, instructions, and assistance being handled using voice mode, and digital practice in digital mode

Purpose: Introductory training in using NBEMS & Winlink

Time: Monday, 6:00 pm

Frequency: Pelahathcie Repeater: 145.390 -0.6 offset 77Hz tone, 1500 Hz on the waterfall
First Backup: Shiloh Repeater: 147.045 +0.6 offset 100Hz tone
Second Backup: CMSARA Repeater: 147.345 +0.6 offset 100Hz tone

Software Needed: NBEMS (Fldigi, Flmsg, Flamp), Winlink Express

Net Manager: KI5JCL

Contact: kyle@msubulldog.com

Cenntral Mississippi ARES Digital Net Script: Digital Script

2. Central Mississippi ARES VHF Net (CMA-VHF)

*** NOTE *** All Net Controls for the voice training net on Monday's will be required to pass one piece of traffic on your shift. It can be any ARRL supported form or format such as radiogram, ICS-213, etc. This will give each person training in passing traffic. Direct any questions to training@msares.com

Who: ARES, RACES, SKYWARN members, and all persons interested in emergency communications

: A phone/voice net on VHF

Purpose: To provide practice in ARES and SKYWARN Net procedures, traffic handling, and storm spotter reporting, to prepare our members for emergency activations.

Time: Monday, 7:00 pm

Frequency: Pelahathcie Repeater: 145.390 -0.6 offset 77Hz tone
First Backup: Shiloh Repeater: 147.045 +0.6 offset 100Hz tone
Second Backup: CMSARA Repeater: 147.345 +0.6 offset 100Hz tone

Net Manager: KG5SQZ

Contact: NetManager@MSARES.com


.pdf format:

Net Script: Net Script
Net Roster Log Sheet: Net Roster Log Sheet

.docx format:

Net Script: Net Script
Net Roster Log Sheet: Net Roster Log Sheet

Cenntral Mississippi ARES Emergency Net Script: Emcomm Script
Central Mississippi ARES Storm Report Guide: Storm Report Guide
National Weather Service Storm Spotter Training Book: Book
Storm Spotter Cloud Identification Chart: Cloud ID Chart

3. Central Mississippi ARES Winlink Net (CMA-W)

ARES, RACES, SKYWARN members, and all persons interested in sending email over HF Amateur Radio frequencies

: Winlink allows you to send email through amateur radio frequencies to RMS Gateway stations around the country and world, which automatically place your email into the normal internet email system, where it travels to its intended recipient. Winlink is very useful for sending emails out of an Internet Down Area to non-Ham friends, relatives, and emergency personnel who are in an Internet Up Area. It also allows non-Ham friends, relatives, and emergency personnel in Internet Up Areas to use their normal email programs to send emails to Hams who are in Internet Down Areas.

Purpose: To provide practice in sending email, radiograms, ICS-213 forms, and SKYWARN Storm Spotter Reports to prepare our members for emergency activations.
Time: Available 24/7. To keep your Winlink skills sharp, your list of RMS Gateway Stations up to date, and your equipment freshly tested, plan to check in "at least" once every week, on a schedule that works best for you.

Software Needed:

Winlink Express:


VARA 4.01https://www.winlink.org/tags/vara

ARDOP, VARA, VARA FM, Packet, Robust Packet, Pactor. Note: Telnet (internet) may be used temporarily by those who plan to, but have not yet, finished establishing their amateur radio digital station.

Any RMS Gateway Station you can connect to on HF (160, 80, 60, 40, 20, 17, 15, 10 meters), or VHF/UHF (2 meters, 70 centimeters )

Send Check In Email To: KI5JCL

Net Manager:



The purpose of our Emergency Net is four-fold:

Firstly we activate to pass Priority, Emergency, and Health & Welfare traffic on behalf of the public and our served agencies when normal communications infrastructures fail, are overloaded, or hampered by natural or man-caused incidents.

Secondly, we activate to provide an important life-line to members of the amateur radio community. The participants in our Net are part of an active on the air community which keeps in touch with each other, and are ready, willing, and able to assist each other, when adversely affected by storms and other adverse events.

Thirdly, we activated to serve the National Weather Service in keeping with our signed agreement to be the provider of Storm Spotter Nets for their Skywarn data gathering program. The reasons our net is not redundant to the Jackson Amateur Radio Club’s Skywarn Net is because we serve all of the counties and communities in Central Mississippi using a repeater which equally reaches all of them. Whereas the Raymond Repeater used by JARC’s Skywarn Net is unreachable from many of the communicates and counties Central Mississippi ARES serves. Also, in addition to taking storm spotter reports by voice mode, we also take and pass storm spotter reports digitally using FLMSG and Winlink forms, which greatly speeds up the process and insures 100% accuracy in printable format..

Fourthly, we activate because it provides a good opportunity for practicing, improving, and testing the skills which our ARES members will need during more serious communications emergencies, where we would be called upon to provide back up communications.”


In an effort to regrow ARES in Central Mississippi, K1REZ received permission from the State ARRL Section Manager and the State Section Emergency Coordinator, to merge four defunct county ARES Teams (Hinds, Rankin, Madison, and Copiah) in to one ARES group, under the leadership of one Emergency Coordinator, with one weekly training net, and one monthly in-person training meeting. K1REZ established the new group in early 2020 and named it Central Mississippi ARES.

At that time K1REZ also established the weekly Central Mississippi ARES Training Net on the Pelahatchie Repeater (145.390 77Hz). He combined it with the Scott County ARES Net, which he had established ten years earlier, and which had been running non-stop on that same day, time, and frequency. Unlike the plethora of “Do Nothing” nets in Mississippi, where all folks do is check in and then the net closes, the focus of Central Mississippi ARES Training Net has always been to provide authentic training and hands-on practice in originating, copying, and passing NTS format messages.

In the summer of 2020 K1REZ established the weekly Central Mississippi ARES Digital Training Net on the Pelahatchie Repeater (145.390 77Hz) to train ARES members in the use of NBEMS and Winlink for emergency communications.

In August of 2020 Central Mississippi ARES and its nets successfully participated in the annual ARRL / ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET), scoring very high points in the process.


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